Call for side events

Side Events

Time Periods

11 March

12 March

13 March

14 March

8h30 to 9h30




SE-W1 -  Integrated management of land and water resources – IHDP (CICG Room 3)

SE-W2 - –  Drought-related policies in Ceará State, Brazil - Funceme /Ceará State Government (CICG Room 4)

No Side Events

Session starting at 9h00

12h30 to 13h30

SE-M1 - Practical Steps to Drought Preparedness and Risk Management: Kick-off to the 2013 World Day to Combat Desertification, the UN Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification and the UN Decade on Biodiversity – WMO and UNCCD (CICG Room 3)

SE-M2 -   Introducing Lake Urmia Basin (Iran) Drought Risk Management Plan - Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

(CICG Room 4)

SE-T3 -  Science, Stakeholders and Institutional linkage for developing drought policy for the state of Tamil Nadu, India - Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (CICG Room 3)

SE-T4 - International Kick-off of the National Drought Management Policies Initiative: Capacity Development to Support the Development of National Drought Management Policies - UNW-DPC, WMO, UNCCD. FAO (CICG Room 4) 

SE-W3 –  Towards more drought resilience: Reducing the human made drought – tapping existing knowledge - WOCAT/UNCCD (CICG Room 3)

SE-W4 –  Kickoff Event on the Establishment of Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) – GWP, WMO (CICG Room 4)

SE-Z3 – Climate services for food security and resilience: Linking regional, national, and community-level drought early warning systems to decision-making – WFP, FEWSNET, IFRC (CICG Room 18)

SE-Z4 – Water, Social Inclusion And Integration - Government of Brazil (CICG Room 4)
12h30 - 14h00 

17h30 to 18h30

SE-M3 -  Making of the U.S. Drought Monitor Product and its Applications – US National Drought Mitigation Center  (CICG Room 3) 

SE-M4 -  The Global Framework for Climate Services in support of preventive drought management – WMO/GFCS (CICG Room 4)

SE-T5 - Micro Level Realities and Policy Coherence: Towards drought resilient agriculture in the semi-arid tropics of AsiaICRISAT (CICG Room 3) 

SE-T6 – Mise en œuvre des politiques et des  interventions prioritaires du Plan d’Action National de Lutte Contre la Désertification (PAN/LCD) et du Plan d’Action National d’Adaptation au changement climatique (PANA) pour la lutte contre la sécheresse  en République Démocratique du Congo

(CICG Room 4)

SE-W5 –  Early warning and adaptation to drought in the peri-Saharan region -  Sahara and Sahel Observatory (CICG Room 3) 

SE-W6 –  Recent Advances and Challenges on Agriculture Drought Monitoring and Early Warning System – George Mason University

(CICG Room 4)